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Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

MAN Holdings LLC is dedicated to opportunistic investments in the commercial real estate industry nationwide and continues to build its reputation in the real estate investment and development arenas with unique projects across the country. MAN Holdings is principally engaged in the ownership, development, acquisition and management of commercial and residential real estate.

We are committed to building superior, long-term value while maximizing cash flow through a consistent strategic focus on projects in markets with high-growth potential and challenging barriers to entry. The company offers:

1. The credentials to pursue and win unique real estate development
2. The resources to successfully complete even the most complex mixed-use projects.
3. A long-term commitment to invest in its core, high-value properties.
4. A focus on urban and suburban growth markets where it enjoys distinct competitive advantages.
5. An experienced management team
6. An unyielding entrepreneurial spirit, which keeps the development pipeline full of exciting, high-growth opportunities.

We operate by developing meaningful relationships and leveraging our entrepreneurial capabilities with creative talent in a fully-integrated real estate organization.