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Company Overview

MAN Holdings LLC is a privately held real estate investment firm employing a disciplined, value-creation focus to real estate projects in select markets throughout the U.S. Pairing a thorough knowledge of real estate industry dynamics with a keen understanding of the overall capital markets, MAN Holdings continues to create significant value for the firm while delivering superior cash flow returns by acquiring undervalued or underperforming investments and implementing aggressive value-added asset management. Our current focus is on affordable housing and commercial property.

Maintaining both Project Development and Property Management divisions within the firm allows us to take projects from initiation to full potential. While focused on identifying unrecognized value, MAN Holdings, through its subsidiary Yosemite Properties, shines when undertaking challenging renovation projects on neglected and blighted real estate and properties with historic management challenges. Utilizing accumulated experience with extensive property rehabilitation, new construction, and land development, MAN Holdings is uniquely situated to tackle a variety of exciting opportunities.

MAN Holdings has successfully renovated hundreds of units in the Cleveland market in the last 7 years, in addition to multiple stabilization projects. Our on the ground management team is ready to step in and provide the strong guiding hand that underperforming assets require to bring them to increased potential.

MAN Holdings LLC will consider investment opportunities nationwide; however, our current geographic focus is in Ohio and Florida.